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The MEETING15 platform allows you to build and implement the most advanced events both in the real and virtual world. Thanks to our platform, organizers and participants of events gained unprecedented opportunities. MEETING15 has become a favorite event platform for both corporate clients and the event participants themselves.


events throughout the year

 200 000+




Registration for the event

You can do it with us in 15 minutes: start secure and transparent registration for the event. Huge possibilities: max. number of participants, various groups with permissions, eg PWZ, allowed registration domain, additional questions, marketing consents, connection to your event website - API, automatic or manual acceptance and any other criteria.

Organization of the event on site

You have control over the event: agendas, maps, navigation, who is going to go and at what time; in the event of an emergency, you send a message to everyone in seconds. You have contact with participants, volunteers, subcontractors, your employees - a preview of what is happening in each congress hall. In a word - you have the power now.


Our games increase participants attention, knowledge, team spirit, happiness. The library of games is growing every day.


Question to speakers, Q&A, chats, surveys and polls, forums, so complete events interactive solution.


On Your phone, tablet, laptop, PC, TV, game console. All you need is internet access and a device with a web browser.


Direct to screen, sms or e-mail. Various methods of communication with an event participant.


Effective 1:1 networking and/or N:N multi networking to sustain or build new relationships.

Fairs and exhibitions

Light and attractive virtual presentation of the offer.


Super easy and flexible sale of tickets for the event.


Platform offers all possible, needed reports online.


A very effective and flexible system for organizing the reception desk for physical events.


A gallery available only to the participants of your event - you share emotions in real-time.

Exams and certificates

A super convenient interface for conducting exams and the participant prints the certificate himself.

Dinner management

Everyone knows when and where dinner is, at which table and with whom he will be sitting, don't you remember the names? Don't worry, meeting15 will help you.

Live streaming

You can invite thousands of people for your events and offer them unique television, video on demand, time shifting, limited content access and other features, so in fact your own broadcasting and Video on Demand channel in one platform.

Virtual voting

Organization of general meetings with the use of remote access for participants for commercial companies, chambers of commerce, agencies, foundations, cooperatives and other decision-making entities using the voting process.

Events now

Free for users

MEETING15 is free of charge for users. Conference organizer pays for this service. If you're an organizer then you need MEETING15.

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