Virtual Events Revolution

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What is MEETING15?

  • A secure application that works in the browser.

    The application offered in the SaaS model (Software as a Service). Safe for the user, because it does not require any downloading, installation or granting of consents. All you need is internet access and a browser, so STAY HOME and join virtually.

  • A revolution in presentations, lectures and conferences.

    MEETING15 е революционен метод при събитията: участниците в събитие могат реално да влияят върху неговото съдържание. Индивидуално да разговарят помежду си или с лектора, да водят чат или да отговарят на въпросите му — everything in your browser, with live streaming.

What does MEETING15 do?

Organize all aspects of virtual event. So you can move your conference, training, workshop in to the virtual world.

Всички участници могат да влияят върху лекторите в стрийминга - всичко наживо. Игрови модели, анкети, документи, програма, видео материали, контакти - всичко.

Arranging 1:1 business talks on smartphones/desk or softphone during the event. So we give you lead generating tool for efficient, virtual networking

Thanks to MEETING15, organizers, lecturers and participants can create an virtual event together. JOINVENT.

Как функционира

Bill registered for the virtual conference.
3 days before the conference he received an email from MEETING15.

Бил: MEETING15? О, какво ли е това?

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Thanks to MEETING15, organizers, lecturers and participants can join the event virtually and create it – real time, together. JOINVENT.

1:1 individual talks

Organize your 1:1 in one place. Improve your efficiency with MEETING15

Пълна информация

Full information about streaming time, agenda, 1:1, documents, presentations.


Известия 1:1 покани, игри, анкети, стрийминг - видеа.

You create an event

You ask questions to lecturers in real time. You answer the questions in the survey. You play games. All virtually.

Възможност за среща

On Your phone, tablet, laptop, PC, TV, game console. All you need is internet access and a device with a web browser.


Your 1:1 report with all persons business contacts, in an accessible form. Your virtual activity visible for an organizer – to control event efficiency and ROI.

Meeting15 е безплатен за потребители
Conference organizer pays for this service.

If you're an organizer then you need MEETING15

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