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Many companies and organizations make decisions in the voting process (companies, departments, foundations, chambers of commerce, associations, cooperatives, communities and others).

In the present situation, the organization of assemblies is difficult and risky.

The MEETING15 platform has a ready solution.

Possibilities of our solution

1. Preparation of the general meeting

  • Introduction of the agenda
  • Adding all draft resolutions
  • Adding all reports and required documents
  • Registration or addition of eligible participants, proxies and observers
  • Defining the value of votes, e.g. preference or fractional values

2. Conduct of the meeting

  • Live broadcasting
  • Online voting on any devices with Internet access
  • The possibility of asking questions and formal conclusions
  • Real-time quorum control and reporting
  • Control and reporting of voting results
  • Presentation of voting results
  • Electronic confirmation for each voter


  • The realization of the general meeting may be an element of a larger event, e.g. a congress
  • Everyone entitled to vote has the opportunity to participate online even in a quarantine situation
  • A very efficient, organized and comfortable meeting for the president, secretary and notary
  • Immediate results of all voting, transparent, ready reports for the organizer
  • The possibility of representing many persons entitled to vote by one proxy
  • The possibility of conducting secret and open voting
  • Two-factor identification of participants as a guarantee of the safety and credibility of voting
  • The use of modern technologies raises the rank of the event and allows all eligible voters to participate, even if there are thousands of them
  • The MEETING15 platform is the best tool for activating the shareholder structure
Due to the pandemic, there have been legislative changes in many countries that make it possible to implement consent for the use of electronic tools. For example, in Poland, Dz.U. 2020 poz. 568, USTAWA z dnia 31 marca 2020 r.

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