Thursday 30th September 2021

MEETING15 - the best in Creative Start-ups promotion

MEETING15 - the best in Creative Start-ups promotion

Creative Finland in Tokyo, October 1st, 2021

A great distinction for MEETING15 KK

(MEETING15 KK is our company based in Tokyo, Japan).
Tomorrow, the most creative startups from Finland will be promoted in Tokyo, Japan on the MEETING15 platform.
Finland - a country famous for its creative approach to business. Japan - a country that is a world leader in technology.
MEETING15 - an event platform built in Poland. What connects us?
The Finns have just chosen MEETING15 to promote their most creative startups in Japan !!!
It is an honor for us - it is tomorrow - a great event.

If you get up in the morning - welcome - registration is free and still open - please click here: REGISTRATION

See you in the morning.
We are already working before the sun rises in Poland 🌞🕓