About the platform, system, application

What does platform mean?

The platform means that the user receives a complete service that he uses on any device via a web browser. (we recommend the following browsers: Chrome, Safari, EDGE in their latest available versions for your device).

Do you also have a mobile app ?

MEETING15 is a more modern and safer solution than mobile apps. The user does not need to download or install anything on any of his devices. Instead, he can create a shortcut on the home screen and use MEETING15 just like with mobile apps.

On what devices can I use MEETING15?

MEETING15 can be used on virtually any device that has a browser and is connected to the Internet.

Where are the details of event participants? What about the GDPR?

Participants' data can be found:
- within the European Union - events in the meeting15.com domain - in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR / GDPR,
- in Japan - events in the meeting15.jp domain - in accordance with the regulations in force in Japan,

Who and on what terms can use MEETING15?

MEETING15 can be used by:

  • event organizers - in order to plan and implement your event: e.g. conferences, trainings, meetings with clients,
  • event participants - because the organizer invited them, or they registered for a free event or bought a ticket for a paid event,
  • event industry service providers - in order to promote their services among event organizers,
Can I still buy DIY subscriptions that were on sale in September?

Unfortunately no, the offer was limited. However, we will definitely announce more promotions, just stay in touch with us.
Nothing stands in the way of using MEETING15 in the "All Included" model, after all, it may turn out during the conversation with the Project Manager that this model is the most appropriate for you, please contact us.

About our company

What is the Company's main activity and geographical scope?

The company creates software, including games, and provides IT services, mainly in the saas (software as a service) and iaas (infrastructure as a service) models, providing a comprehensive solution based on public and private cloud elements.

The company has customers in Poland and Europe, and event users on all continents. In addition, the Company also has a "daughter" in Tokyo, from where it addresses clients in Japan, and ultimately throughout Asia and the Pacific region. The "mother" company will ultimately provide services in EMEA and North, South and Central America.

Who owns the Company? Where does the capital come from?

We are a joint-stock company. The current shareholder structure is published in the Investor Relations section at the bottom of the page.
The largest capital comes from Poland and Japan, there are also shareholders from other EU countries and North America.

Can I buy/sell Company Shares?

Yes. In the Investor Relations section at the bottom of the page, there is a link to the Shareholders Forum containing helpful information.

For event participants

I received an email from MEETING15 with a link and my access to the event, what is it?

This message was sent to you in connection with your registration or purchase of a ticket for the event in question.
By clicking on the link from the message your basic browser will open, it will log you into your just created individual account on the platform and you will be able to participate in this event right away, you can change your password at the beginning and tell your browser to remember it, you can also immediately set up a shortcut to the platform (in the upper right corner after logging in you will see a heart and after clicking an animation that will tell you how to set up a shortcut on the device you are currently using.

Remember: this message was sent to you and should not be sent to anyone else as it contains access to your individual account, so do not forward it to anyone else. Thanks to having an individual account, you can participate in thousands of conferences, trainings, workshops, concerts and other events - without having to remember the password, download and maybe even install more applications, you have everything in one place.

Can I use MEETING15 on multiple devices at the same time, e.g. smartphone and notebook?

Yes you can, but max. 2 devices at the same time, when you try to add the 3rd, the platform will allow you to close the session on the 2 previous devices, if you do this, you will only have the 3rd device active and you will be able to log in to it on the next one - max. 2 sessions.

Which device is best to use MEETING15? what do you recommend?

MEETING15 can be used on virtually any device such as: smartphone, tablet, notebook, PC, server, game console, smartTV.
From our experience, the best devices in the world today that combine the most desirable features are Mircosoft Surface PRO.

For event organizers

How can I buy the MEETING15 service?

You have several options to choose from, depending on your preferences, budget and needs:

  1. service in the All Included model - in this case you get access to the software and the help of our experienced man(s) who will help you organize your event on the platform - you will pay for a specific event;
  2. service in the DIY subscription model (available only in September 2023 in a limited number) - in this case you get access to training materials and set the platform to your needs yourself - you will pay for a year of using the platform - unlimited number of your events;
  3. service in the "white label" model - then you will receive a service for a complete IT environment (hardware+software+people) - you will pay for customization and monthly maintenance of resources for your needs,

For model 1 - you contact our team, receive a comprehensive quote for services, order via www or sign an appropriate contract.
For model 2 - you order via www and renew your subscription every year.
For model 3 - you contact our team, you receive a comprehensive quote for services, we sign an appropriate contract.

Who is the administrator of personal data, and what if I use an event agency?

The administrator of personal data is most often the organizer of the event, but it does not have to be that way.

If your company uses an Event Agency to organize a given event, you have several options regarding the administration of personal data:

  • Your company is the administrator of personal data, Agencja Eventowa is the processor, MEETING15 is the sub-processor. Then we sign a contract with the Agency and the Agency has a contract with your company.
  • Your company is the administrator of personal data, the Event Agency is not involved in processes related to access to personal data, so only in the subject of personal data processing is an agreement concluded directly with MEETING15 as the processing entity. The issues of settlement remain a separate matter, so all settlements can be carried out by the Event Agency.
  • The Event Agency, as the logistics organizer of the event, assumes the role of the personal data administrator and signs a contract with MEETING15 for entrusting data for processing. Your company (institution) acts as a substantive organizer in this event (a frequent situation in medical and scientific conferences).

MEETING15 S.A. cooperates with Event Agencies, AV technology companies, providers of other event services as well as many clients, thanks to which we can adjust the cooperation model according to the needs of a particular event.

What kind of events can I organize with MEETING15?

In principle, any events in which other people participate, so:

  • congresses,
  • conferences,
  • training,
  • workshops,
  • concerts,
  • sports events,
  • sales promotions,
  • speed dating meetings,
  • networking,
  • exhibitions,
  • festivals,
  • general meetings with voting,
  • quizzes and game shows, individual and team,
  • implementation of incentive programs along with the service of going abroad,

The platform contains a number of modules and many fantastic functionalities that can be used in many different ways, the creativity of our customers knows no bounds, and if you come up with a great idea and would like us to add some new functionalities/games/attractions - feel free to visit us - we have a royalty program which allows you to additionally earn money on such an idea.

For event service providers

Can I establish cooperation with MEETING15 so that I can promote my services to your clients?

Yes, please contact us. Our clients often ask us to recommend and recommend a reliable provider of various event-related services.
We have a partnership program that enables cooperation with us in both directions, so the possibilities of cooperation are very large, in addition not only in Poland but also in other countries.

Are there any basic conditions that I must meet to cooperate with MEETING15?

Yes, you must have a fully legal and registered company and issue relevant financial and accounting documents to us as part of the settlement.
Depending on the nature of your business, we may ask you to comply with additional regulations and procedures such as: GDPR/GDPR, ISO27001, FCPA and others.

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